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In the West Valley of Metropolitan Phoenix you’ll find a chiropractic neurologist whose peers, colleagues and patients refer to as a cross between the television character MacGyver in the fabled electrical engineer Nicole Tesla. In the popular television series "MacGyver" the main character uses his exceptional scientific background and his extraordinary gift for problem solving to develop unconventional solutions to seemingly insurmountable situations. Nichola Tesla is known for his futuristic ideas in the use of electricity and is credited with many forward thinking developments in electrical engineering. The man, is chiropractic neurologist, Dr. George W Kukurin, who hosts doctors and patients from around the world who travel seeking his innovative combination of MacGyver/Tesla -like solutions to complex neurological problem. Not unlike the fabled television hero; Dr, George Kukurin, a Phoenix area chiropractic neurologist, is considered by his colleagues and patients as a real world MacGyver of neurological rehabilitation. Patients and even other doctors wanting to benefit and learn about Dr. Kukurin’s novel approach to the rehabilitation of complex neurological conditions such as dystonia, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis and other conditions travel from such far away places as Australia, New Zealand, Israel, India and Portugal to seek his counsel as a neurological problem-solver. If you talk with Dr. Kukurin’s patients about his MacGvyer-like approach to Neurological rehab, they will tell you traveling thousands of miles to visit his office was well worth the trip, just like the television MacGvyer, the neurological MacGvyer seldom disappoints. Dr. Kukurin in MacGyver like fashion, is known to use highly unconventional methods of neurological stimulation such as viewing bi-stable images, patterned eye, head, arm and leg movements and perceptual illusions to rehabilitate poorly functioning areas of the brain and spinal cord. Reminiscent of Tesla’s forward thinking ideas on the application of electrical stimulation, Dr. Kukurin has pioneered therapeutic applications of nerve stimulation techniques which are thought to amplify and accelerate the benefits of traditional neural rehabilitation techniques. Dr. Kukurin has pioneered a technique of using a very mild electrical current delivered behind the ears in patients with balance disorders. By combining this technique, known as galvanic vestibular stimulation with exercises designed to enhance the neurological signals originating in from the soles of the feet, the inner ear, a part of the brain known as the cerebellum and the ultimate integration of all these signals at the brain level, rapid often dramatic improvement in poor balance is commonly seen in patients suffering from a variety of neurological condition. Using a gentle, almost imperceptible electrical stimulation to specific points on the ear, a technique is transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation, Dr. Kukurin similarly helps many patients suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. Gentle stimulation over the spinal column combined with tailored exercises has been shown by Dr. Kukurin to breakdown abnormal muscle contraction patterns, known as abnormal synergy, in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injuries. It is Dr. Kukurin’s ability to piece together common forms of neural rehabilitation and combine them with gentle, noninvasive forms electrical stimulation that has doctors and patients from all over the world seeking out his techniques. The results his patients enjoy have been published in Medical Journals index in the National Library of Medicine, frequently have appeared on Network Television affiliate newscasts and have been presented at prestigious American medical conferences at Johns Hopkins, and International medical symposiums on brain and peripheral nerve injuries.
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